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We are linked to a grouping of Begents who live in Utah who emigrated from Kent in the 1920s and many of those living today in Essex, Kent, Sussex and Surrey.We have drawn up our tree using a graphics programme called Quark Xpress which we could send to you if you're interested, once we've figured out how to attach files to e-mails! Among them there are the Kent mob (which we belong to), and a west London - Fulham/Kensington grouping that he comes from - you are probably from the same grouping as him.

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Someone told me that there was material about the Hugenots living in that area in the Wandsworth Library, but subsequent visits to London have usually been short and I haven't ever followed it up.

There is a Nancy Salter who lives near my Mother who has done lots of research into the Begent family in Tasmania.

He spoke to the now well known Richard Begent - we think?


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