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In this shot below, a couple of young spotters are awaiting their next 'cop' while a meditative teenager contemplates Britain's balance of payments deficit and the driver of 'Jinty' 0-6-0T has a fag break, doubtless looking forward to the end of his shift and a pint at his local BRSA Club.

A warm welcome to the new Second Edition of the collection, a website full of memories from a gentler, more innocent age when the post-war baby-boom was at its height and kids climbed trees, played hopscotch in the street and rode bikes without brakes, all of which is a far cry from today's mamby-pamby society.

The first four coaches are for Forfar..far five for Fife.

The first four reach Forfar at four fifty-four and the far five at Fife at five forty-five!

In short, this crazy world is getting madder by the day and Britain is not the same country we were born and voted for all our lives..dear, don't get me going!