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We met on the South Perth foreshore and since that day we have had a beautiful friendship and relationship.

If you are single and stepping into the Perth dating world you will need a reliable and successful dating agency with experience in not only matching you to the right kind of people but also monitoring your progress along the way.

The institutions of the European Union have defined the "Western Balkans" as the Balkan area that includes countries that are not members of the European Union, while others refer to the geographical aspects.

The main ranges are the Balkan mountains, running from the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria to its border with Serbia, the Rhodope mountains in southern Bulgaria and northern Greece, the Dinaric Alps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, the Šar massif which spreads from Albania to Macedonia, and the Pindus range, spanning from southern Albania into central Greece and the Albanian Alps.

From 1920 until World War II, Italy included Istria and some Dalmatian areas (like Zara, today's Zadar) that are within the general definition of the Balkan peninsula.