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The beautifully simple chicken over rice platter (tossed with vegetables, optional hot sauce, and the non-negotiable white sauce) is a staple of a wide variety of New Yorker diets -- the cab driver, the post-party NYU student, the Midtown office worker, the 20-something looking for a cheap but filling meal -- and the reason THG, which started as a single cart on 53rd St & 6th Ave and has now expanded to nearly 200 restaurants across the globe, truly deserves that “the” in front of its name.

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You can find good oysters at any number of places across the city, but no other place has such diverse clientele, servers that appear to have been around since the place opened in 1913, or a “whispering wall” just outside its doors.

published the recipe for ABC Cocina’s green pea guacamole in the summer of 2015, the internet -- from denizens of the Twitterverse to President Obama and even the Texas GOP -- freaked out.

I have been a fan of Chef Waxman’s cooking since the first week he opened JAMS in 1985.

His cooking is classic American comfort food, superbly executed -- it’s what New Yorkers want to eat every night of the week.

Marco [Canora]’s gnocchi is pure perfection from texture to flavor.