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“Outing us in a workplace or school environment could easily damage our future and put us at risk for physical violence.” It’s known that Goldberg was aware of such TERF activities, because the day her piece appeared, the trans author Julia Serano wrote a blog post about having been interviewed by Goldberg for the article, in which she details discussing such topics at length with the writer.

The omissions, Serano lamented, “Will likely lead uninformed readers to presume that trans people are simply mean and out of control, rather than reacting to the transphobia, trans-misogyny, and sexualizing comments we constantly face from TERFs.” All in all, though, Goldberg’s article depicts a bizarre version of reality in which trans people are powerful aggressors—as if the appearance of one trans woman on the cover of , and the ability to convince a Quaker meetinghouse not to host a TERF conference equals absolute power.

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“Sadly, what she presents is a disturbingly one-sided view of the situation that relies on heavily anecdotal evidence, uncited claims and debunked theories, and ignores the extended campaign of harassment and attack that the trans community has endured at the hands of radical feminists,” writes Brighe.