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There are almost no schools that can pay their bills just on the strength of students’ tuition. It’s going to the wrong places for the wrong reasons.

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Then in the evening, students from the local college gathered around his statue holding candles and sang for him as earnestly as only college kids can. You’re listening to , my podcast about things overlooked and misunderstood. Ginny Smith: He was 6 foot 1 or so, not, not a huge football player size and, you know, 180 pounds, you know, thin but not skinny. She now runs the company her father started in 1953, it’s called Inductotherm. And kept branching out and acquired some companies and it kind of, it grew like topsy, but he worked very, very hard at it and hired good people.

And had a loud voice, strong presence and, yeah, he was uh…MG: What was his management style like? MG: Rowan built Inductotherm into a multinational corporation, thousands of employees around the world, and he became a very wealthy man although you wouldn’t have known it.

Well, it sounded easy, $1500, so we gave him $1500 and you know what? MG: Tumminia wanted Rowan to give money to the business school, which was pretty dilapidated. Almost nobody gave donations of $100 million back then. Rowan gave his money to Glassboro State College, a public university in a sleepy little town in South Jersey that no one had ever heard of. Let me just read to you the names of some of the educational institutions that have received the largest donations in American history. In 2013, the billionaire cofounder of Nike, Phil Knight, pledged half a billion to the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

HR: So he pushed that for a while and, finally, I said, “Phil, I have zero interest in your school business. Okay, not the most prestigious institution in America, but wait. The first is the billionaire John Kluge’s gift to Columbia University in 2007.

Tumminia was head of development for the local college, Glassboro State, just down the road; a little university started back in the 1920s on 25 acres.