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“No Ops” is typically seen in startups or smaller companies where the devs have enough systems and infrastructure knowledge to get the app up and running, but lack the deep knowledge required to scale or to succeed in a large enterprise setting.

Similarly, the completely embedded ops team, in which systems people can code and devs have extensive operational expertise, is relatively rare, and often only found in technically mature, highly innovative web companies like Netflix or Facebook.

In our 2015 State of Dev Ops Survey, we wanted to better understand what services these Dev Ops teams were providing. As Matthew Skelton notes in his great blog post on team typologies, you do need to watch out for a pitfall of the dedicated team: Even if it's temporary, it can become just as much of a silo as the functional teams that preceded it.

But if you avoid that pitfall, there's evidence for both the rapid growth of dedicated Dev Ops teams and their efficacy.

This structure takes once-siloed development and operations functions and redeploys them as tightly woven, highly collaborative teams working side by side.