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Most domesticated farm animals also have true-breeding breeds and breed registries, particularly cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, and pigs.

While animals bred strictly for market sale are not always purebreds, or if purebred may not be registered, most livestock producers value the presence of purebred genetic stock for the consistency of traits such animals provide.

Written and oral histories of various animals or pedigrees of certain types of horse have been kept throughout history, though breed registry stud books trace only to about the 13th century, at least in Europe, when pedigrees were tracked in writing, and the practice of declaring a type of horse to be a breed or a purebred became more widespread.

This was immediately after they’d declined to debate gun control.

Of those with the most susceptible skin, such as those with red hair and freckles, 7 per cent said they visited tanning parlours.