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Those guys are great, but they are still outsiders to the species known as “women”, so it’s nice to get additional perspective and insight on this topic men are so interested in.

While I wouldn’t recommend using this dating advice material exclusively any more than I would suggest you only read Ross Jeffries or Neil Strauss, it’s nice to add to your body of knowledge on females, dating, sex, and picking up girls.

The only power she has over you is the power that you have given her. LEARN from your mistakes to avoid having history repeat itself. Ultimately, destiny is in the hands of the doer - not the coach. There is no reason why you shouldn't be doing this as well. And, the number one way you lose a game is by having no conscious strategy.

When you give zero fucks, nothing she can say or do will have a negative affect. It's amazing how guys will make the same mistakes dozens of times because they don't realize what they did wrong. Emotional understanding can take time but it will come from implementing wisdom. Read the fucking situation and her cards; act accordingly.

If only they understood this then they wouldn't be so hesitant about meeting new women.