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In a future post, I’ll show how to create entirely new scaffolders of your own that apply custom Power Shell logic and can add any combination of files and class members, rather than just customizing T4 templates.

To follow the naming convention, if your main project is called My Super App, call the test project My Super App. If you will be writing assertions about property values on your view model class, you can optionally specify the view model class name.

Either write: Now you can easily add assertions based on this view model type.

Action Action Post Scaffold Custom Template Mvc Scaffolding.

Action View Model Scaffold Custom Template Mvc Scaffolding.

And what if you don’t want to use MSTest, but would rather use NUnit or something else? If you want both the action and a test stub for it in a single command, try this: This one command gives you an action called Something Else, a view model class called Something Else View Model, a view (strongly-typed), a unit test class, and a unit test method stub (set up to work with the generated view model class).