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more about Fleur from Novosibirsk You will see that I can be very sweet like, but I can’t stand lie and if people behave with me like that, I can be quite opposite.But I believe in wonders and try to be optimistic...We are sure that among them you can find a nice girl in according with your wishes and tastes.

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An ordinary Russian women like to cook, to read books, to do all housework, to raise a child; most of Find Russian girlfriend are communicative, interesting, shy, kind, friendly and loving.

Look at women from other countries and ask yourself: “ Is there any women like Russian?

I want to know your likes and dislikes, and what you are actually looking for on this web-site. You see I have a bright smile and kind eyes My life is busy,...

more about Lana from Odessa I live in cold Siberia but I have a hot heart And I think my hotness is enough to warm up your heart as well!!!

” No, for example lots of American women are lazy, stupid and they haven't got any education.