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Jealousy is another sign that you don’t trust your guy enough.

It also puts you at risk of acting clingy, like Evan’s girlfriend, who “was convinced that all of her friends had crushes on me, so I wasn't allowed to talk to or hang out with them.” She was so insecure that she tried to control him, and this should never happen in a healthy relationship. You’re too accommodating For Smith, one of the most foolproof signs of neediness is being “constantly at their beck and call.” This is especially destructive because some guys might even use your insecurity to manipulate you. Don’t always feel like you have to call him back immediately.

“It got really annoying.” In Ryan’s case, this girl’s behavior was harmless, but beware of crossing into stalker territory.

Smith has seen many extreme examples in her years of consulting, such as girls waiting outside guys’ lectures, registering for classes based on the classes a guy was taking or simply finding every excuse to hug or touch him.

This becomes a problem if you get so stuck worrying about their life that you can’t get on with your own. Jenna*, a junior at UCLA, is well aware of this: “I tend to not like guys’ posts more than once because I’m scared it will come off as clingy and annoying, unless they like all of mine.” If cyber-stalking its compromising your independence and making you anxious, you’ve gone too far. You don’t trust him If you need to know what your guy is doing every second or you insist that he joins you everywhere you go, these are red flags.